Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Coming home for Christmas...Part 2

After part 1 of Coming home for Christmas, its only right to write about the rest of our trip "home".

We stayed at the Premier Inn in Poole, for the rest of our stay, as it gets rather hectic staying with family as it gets closer to the big day. But the location is so convenient, its literally a 5 minute drive from one of my sisters and my parents houses.

The first night, we drove over to my parents, so I could exchange presents with one of my sisters, who has a few "issues", so it was easier, and more comfortable to meet on mutual ground. The children loved seeing each other, and although it was chaotic, it was lovely to see them, including one of my nephews, who I've only met once before. My parents made it special by putting little gifts around a lit up tree for the children, (light up Minnie mouse ears for the girls), ready for our tour to a local cul-de-sac with very OTT Christmas lights, all for charity of course....

And my dad, well he was a big kid again!! We got him some "magic" thumbs for Christmas, and gave them to him early so all the children could be mesmerised.... this night was the first outing of them, he LOVED them, and so did all the kids.
After the kids were filled up on chocolate.... (happens every time we visit...) was then time to head off for the lights on Runton Road in Poole, (Dorset).....
 The traffic was a nightmare, but we followed my parents, and got a parking space fairly close, so it was a little walk up.... we couldn't miss it, the glow was immense.... it started as a bit of "competition" for neighbours, and just grown, it was even on GMTV the morning after we visited... about 20 houses in the close compete with each other, but have donation boxes on their gardens... so save a few pennies/pounds  for each house!! (But not all the houses take part...)

The first "OTT" house, my mum and nieces started walking up the drive way.... Daddy and I were looking puzzled, and thinking they had lost the plot.... it soon all came clear... they are regulars... they know they have a snow machine.... and woolaahh, as if it was planned as they walked up the path... "ITS SNOWING".......

My eldest nephew R, took amazing care of little S who has very hesitant, as she still has a fear for the big red man, and there were lots of big red men on the decorations....

The atmosphere was buzzing, and there were lots of people doing the same thing as us, just coming to take in the displays, my mum and dad come of ideas, as they like to light up their house too....

Afterwards, my sister went her way, and we went back to my parents for mulled wine, and mince pies, and of course hot chocolates for the girls... well it was Christmas after all...
My parents display, with Snow machine for the Grand children's enjoyment....


  1. wow. Your parents display looks amazing! So christmasy and beautiful <3

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Those houses are quite something! :-)

  3. Very festive, looks like you all had a wonderful time x

  4. What an amazing street, it must be lovely to see all those houses lit up x

  5. I love reading Christmas posts the time went far too quickly! It looks like you had such a lovely time.
    Jen x

  6. Oh my goodness how amazing is your parents house, I would love a snow machine

  7. Aww I love to see homes that have decorated up outside :) so do my children, lovely ..

  8. wow looks fantastic and what a display, i remember the days when everyon in the street done this , we are lucky to see one house in the street these days


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