Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Our Bluestone Diary... Day 2

Tuesday is our 2nd day on the holiday resort, our first morning. We all slept well, and the beds were really comfortable. We got up at our own pace, and had eggs for breakfast, and out the door to the adventure centre for 9am. Why so early, when we are o holiday? So I could get a few hours of relaxation. Little S was booked in for the crèche, a space themed, unaccompanied 3 hours of fun, and excitement, all for £24. The crèche we booked was for up to age 3. The room was very spacious, and lots of toys were still available that weren't space themed. S was straight in with Georgina, who made her feel very welcome, whilst Vicky dealt with the paper work.

The room was well equipped, and planned activities were set up, and ready. There was 4 children booked into her session, and they all had great fun.

For the younger crèche members, cots were available. Snacks were given too, which included celery, cucumber, and sandwiches.

As I left, S gave a tiny wave, and didn't look back... I had no worries....  Nana and I then headed for the Spa.
With living at opposite ends of the country, I don't usually have quality time with my mum, so I gave her, her mothers day gift from us early.... two hours in the thermal rooms in the spa. Pure relaxation. As we entered, we were given our own fluffy robe, flip flops. and towels.

The changing rooms were very nice looking too... deep pinks and greys. Looked perfect for adult time.

I didn't take my camera in to the thermal rooms, as I was there to spend time with my mum, and relax. There was two steam rooms, with ocean breeze infused into the room somehow.... my favourite room. Also a lemon grass (not100%) in the steam room. Two saunas, with one hotter then the other, a dry salt room, which the stone seats are super comfy, and I could of just fell asleep. And an ice room.... brrr..... They also had some fantastic showers, that I do want one day. Huge head and 6 jets at the sides. We also went into the hydro-pool. Very warm pool, in the rain, is a very strange feeling. We had various bubbles going on in the pool in a circuit. We came out feeling very relaxed, and just wanting a snooze. Instead we headed back to pick S up, eager to find out how she did. They did some cutting and sticking, and made a space picture. S also iced her own biscuit, and played with moon dust. She loved it. Her smile says it all....

So, the morning was a success.... both mummy, Nanna and S was happy and refreshed.... look at my skin.... WOW!!
After lunch we headed into Tenby. The rain has been falling all day, so we weren't hopeful for the beach. We stopped off to say we have seen it, and will hopefully return tomorrow, as the wind was bitter, and strong.
Instead we headed to town, and browsed the little shops, and of course a quid or two in the amusements. We love the 2p machines. Unfortunately, Bluestone only had the 10p slot machines, and they don't last as long, so not as much fun, but Tenby had plenty in the amusements.

After our afternoon out, it was back to the house for dinner, bath and bed...

Unfortunately S didn't get the memo for bed, and instead still running riot at almost 9pm and watching bridal programmes with Nanna, pussy cats with Grandad, and a dieting show with mummy....

Tomorrow is our last day here, as home calls for me to be there with J. We are hoping to return to the beach if its dry, as well as trying out the Blue Lagoon, and the indoor play area.... IF S gets some sleep.....


  1. Seems like you are having a lovely time. I could do with a spa day right now! :) x

  2. The spa sounds lovely hun, glad u and ur mum had fab and S didnt blink when u left. Loving the pic of S

  3. aw theres definitely something to do for everyone! S is cute:)

  4. oooh well spa retreat i really am in need of one of those right now , had a niggling pain in my shoulder for three weeks and need a nice massage and relaxation to ease it x

  5. Sounds lovely and you are glowing! We're going to Bluestone in March - I really can't wait.

  6. Just found your blog from 'countrykids' link up and have enjoyed reading all about Bluestone! We moved to Pembs in the summer so we're still finding our way around and trying new places. My hubby suggested I go to Bluestone spa for a pregnancy treatment so was interested to read your experiences...I think I will go and have a look at their website now! Nice to 'meet' you :)

    Rach @ www.dreamingofthecountry.com


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