Friday, 23 January 2015

Our Bluestone Diary... day 3

Wednesday was our day 3, and our final day at Bluestone Wales. We were due to have a busy day, to fit in everything Bluestone had to offer. S had other ideas, the previous night, she was still buzzing around at 9pm, and then at 3 am she decided it was time to wake up. She did not want to leave the lodge. After some coaxing. we (plus Nana) were off to the blue lagoon for some swimming and splashing around. S was very excited.

The lagoon was very warm, S was nervous though, and the tiredness was kicking in. A few tantrums were had when the waves were switched on, and when it was time to leave.
After the swim on the way back to the lodge, we got the road train to the adventure centre.
S's face was a picture as we walked in... there was so much going on. Slot machines, crazy golf, soft play area, high ropes, climbing walls, bouncy castles. Lego walls... so much. Due to S's tiredness, we let her choose one thing before going back for dinner.

S chose crazy golf, this was free, and it was also empty, S attempted to hit the ball once, and then was more interested in looking around the course, and jumping over the rocks... until she fell over... it was then time to leave...

We headed to Saunderfoot with Grandad and Nana for some lunch, and it just had to be fish and chips. Then it was time to explore the beach, whilst they sampled the shops. I showed her that the end of the fishing net could be used like a pen... and she was off....

...then of course it was sand castle time....

As it was so cold, she gave up after making three, and wanted to fish in the pool of water. We didn't find anything but she had fun swishing it around.

 After fishing, it was time to collect shells.....

After the beach it was then time to head back to the site.... we just had to go in the tree house, and Nana even conquered her vertigo fears and passed over the creaky wobbly bridge..

S was having great fun exploring the other bridges... and of course I just had to have a go too...

We then headed to the lake, as we realised we hadn't seen it yet... and was hoping to watch the sun set, it was so calm and tranquil....

...but we had to head back to the lodge as the toilet was calling, but not before stopping at the wildlife habitat house...

After getting back to the lodge, the sun was starting to set, and I was able to catch the last glimpse of the sun on our last day... before starting to pack.

After packing, we were then able to see the sun and Venus overlooking the site too. A nice send off for a fab three days. Nana and Grandad stayed on until Day 5, and was woken to heavy frost. The photos looked great.
So as you can imagine, after a very filled fun packed day, S slept the whole way home.... 4 and a half hours.... meant I had a very peaceful drive back.
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  1. Fish and chips at the beach is always the best! I love the photo at the bottom with Venus and the sun - what a great capture. I've read a lot about Bluestone lately, looks like a great place :)

  2. This looks like a fab day, it's great that you and S got to spend time with Nana and Grandad. I don't blame Nana being nervous about climbing the Tree Top Trail, I would've been struggling too, especially about the wobbly bridge! It's a shame S was so tired and it caused some tantrums but I'm sure she enjoyed herself all the same and at least she'd worn herself out for the drive home. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. I love the look of excitement on S's face in the first photo and she looks like she was having a great time fishing on the beach. Sounds you had a great trip (tiredness aside) and the drive home sounds like it was incredibly peaceful - glad S slept so well! :-)

  4. Bluestone looks so lovely, and fish and chips on the beach mmmm x


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