Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Our Bluestone Diary...Day 1

So... yesterday, we made the journey to Bluestone, in Wales. When i say we, I mean half of the M family. Little S and I. Daddy and J stayed at home as J had school. The journey was supposed to have taken just over 4 hours. However the car sat nav, had other ideas. It took me well over an hour, to do a journey that usually takes 40 minutes, and through horrendous country roads, which meant a lot of reversing... WHY??? I must admit, I didn't even check the sat nav, and just followed it.
It took me through the south of the Snowdonia park, STUNNING views.... just a shame I was driving, as I couldn't take any pictures. The pot holes were ridiculous though, and there was one in particular that I had to pull over on a grass verge for just to check the car.... Eek!!
As it took us through these country roads, there were no services. Two hours into the journey I really needed the loo. Thankfully S is just potty trained, so there was a potty in the car.... and yep... I did use it on the side of the road.... it was that quiet, only the sheep got a peek!
S slept about an hour of the journey, but when she was awake, she was good as gold with her dinosaur, and Rudolf teddy. Phew!!
We emerged at the west cost of Wales, and it was a welcoming site.
It was about another two hour drive to Bluestone, and was well signposted for the last 2 miles or so. Check in is from 4.30, and we arrived on site around 4.20... perfect timing. We followed the signs to check in, and joined the queue in the car....
It was well set up, and I appreciated that I didn't have to get a giddy S out the car... just yet.
We got checked in, and given a map to our lodge. We chose a bungalow style, as I've bought my parents and one of their clients (carers, for disabled adults), and the WOW factor certainly hit us as we walked in. We have two front doors, and two separate lodges, but its joined by adjoining doors in the middle, so we can be sociable, and mingle without going in and out of the front doors, or we can close them, which was perfect for trying to get S to sleep.
I will do a different blog for the review of the lodge, as it deserves it in its own right. We unpacked whilst my parents were still en-route. Once arrived, we found our way t the "village" and got some last minute bits, ie eggs for dippy eggs this morning. And grabbed a takeaway dinner. Look at the size of the fish fingers.... these are children's meal portions. I'm glad I only chose a child's meal, as this was still plenty for me.

Todays plan is the spa, and S is booked in to the crèche, she keeps pestering to go to nursery, so this is the next best thing, and give myself and my mum some quality relaxation time. This afternoon, hopefully the beach, to collect some shells for J.


  1. Very generous child's meal. Hope you had a lovely time at the spa! :) x

  2. Looks fabulous, hope you have a lovely time together!

  3. sounds like your all ready and excited those fish and chips look nice x


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