Friday, 9 January 2015

Walking into the sunset...

On Thursday, I was on a mission to try and get my steps as close to 10k as possible, and I was no where near again. S was reluctant to go out for a walk. On Wednesday I asked J if she wanted to go for a walk or the park, and even she put up a battle. Since Christmas and the new Wii U, its becoming much harder to get J out in the fresh air, and just being a five year old... she just seems obsessed at when she will net be aloud on the console. So after I picked J up from school, I didn't give them an option, they were straight into the car. I bought a going stale loaf of bread with us, and we were on the hunt for ducks.
The sun was already very low, so we were short of time. We passed our little stream that we usually paddle in, but we did not have our wellies, and it was definitely to cold to be playing in water.... but it is still beautiful to walk along side...

J wanted to play hide and seek, however due to the light we just headed for the duck pond, with the promise of playing it on the way back, if we had enough light!!  Snacks came in handy, and a not so healthy packet of crisp kept the moaning at bay... the sky looked like it was on fire, and J wanted a photo with it...

We soon made it to the pond, it was so still, it was just beautiful. The girls instantly sat on the bench, and just watched...

After a little while, I reminded them why we came, and they soon got to work feeding the ducks... there wasn't that many, an it was mainly nervous coots.

It was just so calm, and peaceful. It was like we had the place to ourselves. I had a few minutes to tweak with the camera, and managed to grab this shot which wasn't just a point and shoot... practice makes perfect... this is just the beginning to going manual ....

both girls loved being out at dusk, and loved the sunset. We then had a race back to the car to see if we could beat the moon.... of course we did, but it was too dark in the woods for hide and seek by then, and both girls wanted to hold my hands... hence no spook, in the woods in the dark photos. That memory is for me to cherish in my memory.
They were so much more relaxed when we made it home, just an hour after finishing school, in better moods, and went to bed without hesitation.
We will certainly be slipping out some more straight after school again.
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  1. Looks lovely and idyllic! Love sunsets reflecting on water.

  2. Gorgeous photos. We took our two to watch the sunset last week and it was so lovely to be out with them at that time. Harley thought it was so late! X

  3. We love heading out after school too - maybe my screen free idea isn't so bad after all? X

  4. Ah that last photograph is stunning - you've really captured the peace and tranquility of the pond #countrykids

  5. Love the idea of racing the moon - might have to try that trick! Really gorgeous sunset shot - reminds me that I need to get learning how to use my camera properly too! #countrykids

  6. Pretty pond. I so love this place and your photos are amazing. Good luck with the walking goal! #countrykids

  7. This looks like a lovely way to finish the day off, it's great that you managed to get the girls out and in the fresh air. I can't think of a better activity then feeding the ducks to get little ones out of the house. They look like even after putting up a fight to get out of the house they enjoyed their time outside. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  8. What a lovely way to end the day - that sunset is stunning, what a gorgeous capture, especially with the reflections in the water. Glad your girls enjoyed their walk :-)

  9. Oh.
    What beautiful images. Perfect memories.
    Found you through #countrykids

  10. What a restful looking spot and such beautiful photographs. Looks like you all enjoyed a bracing walk. #countrykids


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