Friday, 27 February 2015

Dens and woodland fun at Lyme park

Where has this week gone? Seriously, it has just flown. I was hoping to have written up all of our half term antics by now, but seriously its just flown.

Last week we went to Lyme park with Grandma M and Grandad M. We made the most of Grandma not having any plans, and the dry sunny weather. I have never been to Lyme park before, but now we are national trust members, there is no stopping us with the exploring, except a birthday party. J had a party at lunchtime, so we were stuck with the afternoon. This meant we only had a few hours, rather then a full day.

We were hoping to walk through the deer enclosure, but it was closed so the ground could recover. We still saw the deer, and S kept calling them Rudolph....

As we couldn't go through to the deer, we decided to take the next gate to get away from the cars. This took us up a hill, to some trees... perfect fro playing hide and seek. J ran off first to hide, and S followed suit after a little whine. Can you see J hiding?

Grandad was happy watching the birds, whilst Grandma and I found the girls.

When it was my time to hide, I hid inside this den...  the girls then wanted to make it their home. There was so many dens around, it was great. J really wanted to build her own from scratch, but due to time constraints, we have promised (Pinkie Promise, of course!) that we will be back when its a bit warmer, with a picnic, and Daddy to help.

 In the woods, I saw a gorgeous shot, that the photographer in me, just had to capture, as it was framed by the tree's. So here is my landscape shot of the day... Lyme Park house, from the woods.

Grandma, and Grandad had then led the girls towards the park, so I managed to catch this great shot of them all walking in the woods.

They had great fun in the park, but you could tell it was half term. I would love to come back and explore it with the girls more again, as despite the crowds, they still had great fun, and was able to get on everything.
On the way back to the car, Grandma spotted a branch about 5ft up, and suggested J sat on it for a photo. Going back a year, I never thought J would do it. She has grown so much more confident in the great outdoors, it is lovely to see.

In the picture, you cant tell its that high up off the ground, so I persuaded S to stand underneath... I don't think she would have sat still on it long enough for a photo...
I think we started a trend, as after us another family started posing for a very similar shot.
It was a lovely sunny, but cold afternoon, spent outdoors enjoying all the outside world has to offer.
We shall definitely be back for a full day of fun very soon...
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  1. Looks like you had a great time in half-term. I love visiting national parks for days like that x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day out. We love to spend time outside too. The den looks really fun to play in. I bet it was great to see the deer too.

  3. This looks like my kind of place. Is it near Lyme Regis? I don't know which part of the country you are! I'll go and search the NT site. Love your photos and the sitting on a branch shot is very sweet :)

    1. Just looked - my geography was way out. Obviously! ;)

    2. Don't worry, Lol, I would have thought the same! :-) My geography is awful. If you are ever up in the north west, it is worth a visit. :-)

  4. Lyme Park looks like the perfect place to burn off steam. It's great that the girls got to go out with you and their grandparents for the day and it looks like they enjoyed spending their time playing hide and seek with you and Grandma. I look forward to you going back and building a den of your own, it's always a great go to here on the farm! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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