Wednesday, 4 February 2015

We are soon to be fully fledged "Grown Ups!"

This week, if you follow me on twitter, or Instagram, you will be aware we have had "issues" with our boiler. When I say "issues" I mean, NO boiler. Yes, this was when it was -5'C outside and still with snow on the ground. No heat, and no hot water. Such a great way to start a weekend. Why does things like this always happen on a weekend? We realised at 4am on Saturday morning, and come 7am, we thought it was an acceptable time to wake the landlady up.
Feeling the cold...
That is where the problem started. We were unable to get hold of her. We only had her mobile number, and it was switched off. J had swimming, so afterwards, by 11am now, I headed to the estate agents, to demand answers and another contact number. Thankfully, we managed to contact her, and got it sorted, but it was gone lunchtime when the plumber arrived, which meant the "parts" shop was closed, and he had to wait until Monday to even order the part. We were 4 days without heat and water. The boiler had the gas safety check done, but wasn't serviced to make sure it wouldn't conk out when we needed it the most.
This got us talking seriously about getting our foot on the housing ladder. We keep meaning to get on it, but just haven't got around to it, as life just gets in the way.  If we had our own house, we could make sure the essentials are well serviced to help prevent this, or at least feel like we have control over the situation.
So when I heard Santander have got their own mortgage calculator, I jumped at the chance to have a play with figures. It makes me really excited that with a deposit that we can save up in the next 5 years (all going to plan) that we can have a decent size house, with the pay grade Daddy M already has, so no pressure for Daddy to get the fourth stripe on his arm from me. It also gave us a monthly figure that we would be expected to pay out each month, so we can see what we are left with each month, as well as comparing the different types of mortgage.
We will be going in as first time buyers, but you can ask the calculator anything, even if you have an existing mortgage, you can get estimates if you want to change the term etc.
I love tools like this, it makes it exciting to start planning, my friends and family know I need figures for planning. I have a spread sheet I update religiously of all our outgoings and incomings down to the penny, and if I don't spend any thing unplanned, I know exactly how much we will have in our bank account in 2020.
Yes, I am really that sad. But means I can plan our future. And, at the moment, the plans are for us to be real "grown ups" with a really big debt, but a home, we can finally call ours... (In approx. 5 years, unless life gets in the way again)
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  1. Good luck with getting on property ladder :) I know it's not easy to get on it but once you're there it's only better - know from experience :) And there is nothing better than decorating your own place!

  2. Oh gosh! I hope the boiler is fixed now....It's the joys of renting! Our boiler has broken once. Of course on a weekend too but luckily ours was a quick fix x

  3. Great to have goals in life. Good luck with it all. Once you get on the ladder, you won't look back! Tx

  4. Good luck with it all, it's an amazing feeling getting on the property ladder x

  5. Well every cloud has a silver lining! Maybe this was just the thing you needed to point you in the right direction... Fingers crossed it all goes to plan :-) xx

  6. What a nightmare with the boiler! Best of luck saving up and getting onto the ladder x


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