Friday, 20 March 2015

Up on the cloud

When we moved to East Cheshire, just under a year ago, my dream was always to do country walks with the girlies, with a packed lunch, exploring everywhere around us. This hasn't really happened, and instead, we have been travelling further afield to national trust paces. Which are fab. But has left our countryside on our doorstep, untouched. Yesterday, I just had the urge to go for a walk, but wanted something a little challenging, but something that S could still do too. A little Google search later, I stumbled across a walk that started just 1.5miles from home. It was 2.54miles long, so a suitable distance for S, who seems to be walking more and more each time, but a little more challenging as it wasn't flat. The walk if you are interested, and in the area, can be found here.  Daddy also came along for the walk. So off we went armed with a picnic, making the most of the blue skies, spring is bringing with it. We started on quiet country roads, looking at the amazing houses, in such an idyllic location....
...and then climbed, very muddy, step steps, with a few little slips from S, they don't look that steep here, but closer to the top, I couldn't look down... when we got to the top, we realised we could of avoided these steps, and walked around them... whoops...

On the top, S was more then happy, as she could run free.... she noticed we were in the woods, and told Daddy she likes the woods, and off she ran...
It soon got a little more rocky, and she needed a balancing hand again... I was pleased that we no longer needed the pushchair, as I would of found it extremely difficult here, no matter how "off road" it is....

....We then came across the sign, that reassured us we were on the correct path.. yeay!!

Along the muddy up hill path through the woods, S spotted a lady bird, and made a beeline for it... the ladybird had other ideas though, and flew off, much to S's disappointment.

She was then on the hunt for more insects, and more importantly, a wand, as apparently all fairies, need wands...

After the woods, we emerged on to the common, with much bigger rocks to climb, to help keep the path together, there was one in particular that S actually had to climb...  and then she broke into song "she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes..." that was our theme tune this hike/walk.  She also found it really interesting, that the national trust men, were moving a really big boulder with poles across the common...

We, eventually hit the summit...  it was very busy on top, as a walking group were having their lunch, and had the same idea as us. The sky was still blue, and it was calm, perfect picnic weather watching the world go by.... its a shame it was so hazy, but we could still pick places out... if it was clear, we could see 360 degrees....

S wasn't interested in her picnic, she was too interested in telling some dogs not to eat her sarnies...

After our picnic, it was time to start the walk back down, so we wouldn't be late in picking J up from school. There was still plenty of views to be seen...

...and special spells to turn everyone pink, to be made.... a perfect spot for casting magic spells....

When it came to our first stile, S decided to climb under, rather then going over. She is so independent, its unreal...

...and said hello to some sheep... it was nice to see a farmer had sectioned off the right of way to keep us away from the live stock.... I am petrified of walking in fields with cows. The theme tune then turned to baa baa black sheep...

S then needed a little loo break, and wanted to play with a fallen tree, it was great lighting, but she refused to do a nice pose, instead, this was the best I got... BUT she is smiling...

We then came back along the path that we started on, and whoosh, she was gone....

After the country roads and having to hold hands again, we then opened up on to some grass by the car park, she put on a little dancing show, using a drain cover as a stage, and then asked if we could go home, I thought we had finally tired her out...

Then, she saw the huge pile of stones in the car park, and she wanted to play again... queue the "she's coming around the mountain...." whilst she climbed up, and ran down, time and time again...

Before leaving with a huge pile of stones for her "collection" of course...   It was lovely to have a walk at S's pace, and have the 2:1 quality time with her, away from phones, TV's and computers. Enjoying the great outdoors.... We shall be doing this walk again, especially as once J found out, she was very upset, that we didn't take her out of school so she could come with us... that's a day ticked off for the Easter holidays then...
Do you have any walks with great views near you?
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  1. Wow what gorgeous views, I love going for country walks with my toddler. Fab photos! #BinkyLinky
    Becky xx

  2. Thats gorgeous and I especially love the changing theme tunes!! We just get sand. Sand. And more sand....#BinkyLinky

    Laura Life with Baby Kicks

  3. What is it with kids and stones! S's hair has got really long x

  4. What a fab walk and those views are stunning. Love the photo of S casting her magic spells :-)

  5. I love going on country walks. How wonderful. That first pic with a view took my breath away as I was scrolling down.
    Great post #CountryKids x

  6. Love the final photos of her up on the stone mound. Reminds me of the gravel mountain on the corner of our drive!

    I don't really do any walking - N just gives up and says his legs are tired, so I'd not risk a proper walk, but round National Trust grounds etc are fine. I think if he had more than me with him, it'd be fine. We have so many walkers round by us because there's a famous Darcy Dalton way through our land. We've had several people turn up at the door asking if they can walk though the field with the cows in it...I always say yes, but it's their choice. It's only 1.5 miles round via the road if they don't want to, but they can get really arsey

  7. Love this post! the imagination and joy from the simple things in nature is wonderful. Well done on spotting the ladybird and embracing all that you found along the way. A stunning place to walk to, the views from the top there look magnificent and Little S looks like she took the whole journey all in her stride.

  8. What gorgeous views - and how lovely to have this right on the doorstep. #countrykids

  9. It looks like a lovely place to live. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  10. Love this! What a brilliant walk, and that view is definitely worth the climb :) Fab post x #countrykids

  11. I wish I can do something like this today! I love walking and its just so nice to feel the fresh air in your lung. S looks so happy with the walk! Looks like a long one but she finished it with a smile! #countrykids

  12. What a beautiful always love climbing to the top of a hill, such a sense of achievement!
    We live near a hill called Brent Knoll, it's hard work getting to the top, but well worth the effort #countrykids

  13. Oh this does look like such a lovely walk and stunning photos. Thanks for sharing :)


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