Wednesday, 1 April 2015

'CLAWS' has arrived at Manchester Sea Life

Last week we were invited to the Sea Life Centre at the Trafford Centre, in Manchester. They were launching the new exhibition, 'CLAWS', and they wanted US to be one of the first to see it.

'CLAWS’, which is replacing the stunning and hugely popular starfish exhibit, is on its way from Sea Life Paris and displays some of the world’s most exciting crustaceans.
The Rainbow Crabs dazzle with their vibrantly coloured shells, a fresh water creature they feed on nuts.  
The small but powerful Mantis Shrimp has a punch as powerful as a .22 bullet, they can even break bones with it. They stun their dinner with it as their claw travels at the equivalent of 100kph. On the night we visited, I heard it crack a mussel, but didn't actually see it, It really did sound just like a gun had gone off.
Stunning to look at, the rare albino lobster, is a white version of the traditional native lobster you may see at your local seafood restaurant and would traditionally be a blue-grey colour.
The Hermit Crabs are also interesting creatures, they live on the land and require a humid environment which includes both salt water and fresh water, without these key features they’ll struggle to survive. Hermit crabs will leave their shells to find a new home which is larger and has more space to grow.  J found these really interesting, and sat and watched them for a good while.
 A Giant Tasmanian Crab, which was caught in Australia and destined for the dinner table before Sea Life rescued it in 2012, will join the exhibition in two weeks time once he’s been granted a passport to travel. Claude, as he is better known, will eventually weigh in at an astounding 13.5kg and will be just under a metre wide once fully grown. I was gutted we missed him, but the girls were happy with the giant crab on the wall...
After the talks, and demonstrations of the mantis shrimp, we were then able to touch and stroke the crabs, in the touch and feel pool. The staff were really good, and popped some in bowls for the girls to be able to reach comfortably, and explore with ease.
 As well as the new residents, the aquarium has 5,000+ creatures to discover including sharks, seahorses, octopus, jellyfish and rays.  The girls loved exploring the aquarium. I was whisked away for a special dive, which I will blog about separately. Daddy held the fort with the girls, as they discovered all about the turtles, which both girls are now obsessed about.

The girls also checked out the many tanks, and discovered all types of different sea creatures...

As well as letting their hair down in the soft play...

Being treated to face painting...
And learning about the size of other fishes, including a Tiger shark. This is the jaw of one, and as demonstrated, it could have swallowed J up, but would have struggled on a grown man, due to the shoulders, the staff were great at getting the girls intrigued.
 The exhibition launches in time for Easter so families can have fun and learn during the holidays whilst being truly amazed by the magnificent marine life.
Online tickets start from £9.95. Children under 3 years go free. *Online prices vary depending on the time slot chosen, and can be booked here.
It was a great evening, and we all really enjoyed it....


  1. Awe sounds like a fun evening :)

  2. Oh my goodness, funny enough I went there today!!! My mum's also a blogger and was invited too so we all went today. I was so impressed, it's such a fun and beautiful little aquarium - all members of the family loved it :) x

    1. It is lovely isn't it? The girls loved it so much, I am sure we will be back soon. :-) Glad you enjoyed your visit too. :-)

  3. This is actually really good! I always complain there is not many places you can go with kids nowadays but I love this one! Fun and educating!

    Dash xx

    1. It really is both fun and educating at the same time. Some people can be in and out really quick, and others can spend hours, it really is what you make it. We loved it.

  4. This looks like a fun day out, been to these places before and always enjoyed it x

  5. Oh wow.... The Spider Crab really freaks me out!!! I'm not sure I would make it past that... Sounds like a cool experience though - adorable face painting! xx

  6. Seems like you had a great family day out. Looks great and I'm sure my little boy would enjoy visiting it too! :) x

  7. Awh looks like you had a lovely time.. I love Sea Life! I only wish I could still get away with having my face painted haha x

    HOW I WEAR | A Manchester Style & Beauty Blog

  8. Looks like great fun! Want to take the girls there soon :) x


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