Monday, 27 April 2015

Dancing at Pineapple studios, for Annie

The temperatures outside was the hottest of the year, and as we walked in, it felt even hotter. The air was filled with excitement of both the children and the mums, some of whom travelled from miles. The sound of sweaty little feet pounding the floor, round in circles as the giddy children ran of the excess energy. It was then time to get down to business.... "It was a hard knock life".

The iconic film "Annie" that we all grew up with, and loved, which has been re-made for a new generation is out on DVD and Blue-Ray, today. With the excitement of the launch, we were invited down to Pineapple studios, in London, to be taught a dance by Richard Marcel, a choreographer to the stars.

Richard had his hands full. It was half term, the children were buzzing, and S in particular seemed out of control. He had 4 hours to teach us a dance to the song "Its a hard knock life". He did it, and we even fitted in a lunch break, and left early.

The girls with Richard Marcel and his helpers.
 On the lunch break, a dancer was teaching J some dance moves... J isn't really missing her dancing at the moment, and this little bit of 1:1 has kicked up the fire inside her to start again. She has shown it off plenty of times since coming home.

The final video looks good. Its a shame S was being a monkey, as she is seen in many shots when she shouldn't have been, stopped me from being in mine, and just generally being a very uncontrollable hot, and tired little girl. It still looks fab, and I think Richard Marcel did a great job. And the song... well J is still singing that now too... Check it out here...but a little clip is below... (Due to technical issues,/being blonde I could not get the full clip here...)

The girls have been asking (lots) to see the new Annie, as the original just isn't the girl on the boards at the dance class, and it is dated. So we will be hunting it down. The DVD and Blue ray comes with special features, and I just know the girls will LOVE the five sing-along tracks. Annie is approximately 118minutes long and is rated a PG for some mild language, and rude humour.
To find out more information, check it out here with Sony Pictures at home.


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  1. My Daughter loves dancing so would have loved that! Looks like fun. I really want to see the new Annie film, don't think anything can beat the original Annie :)

    Emily x

  2. So cute. I was a big fan of the original Annie film - not seen the new one though.


  3. Was lovely to meet you! Shame the girls little bit was cut after they spent an hour learning it!!


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