Friday, 3 April 2015

Our wet adventure to Liverpool

Today was the first day of half term, and we started it with a bang. We were off to Liverpool, via Manchester, on the train, two there, and two back. Our train left our small town station, just after 9. How we got there, all packed with a picnic, and layers of clothes, and nothing forgotten, and more importantly, with no raised voices, I have no idea. But we did. The girls were very excited, and bought along "Belle" with them, to show the real Belle later on. They pointed out the baby lambs en-route, along with the theme tune of the day "Wonder Pets". Sorry to everyone on the train, that will now have that song stuck in their heads.

Grandma and Grandad, jumped on the train number two, the stop after us, and after hugs, smarties and a coffee, we were all happy, despite the rain. The next stop was Liverpool itself. It was still raining, we were in Liverpool for a theatre show at 2pm, but decided to arrive early for a picnic and a few geocaches, so we headed to the docks. Last time we visited, it was so windy, S didn't get very far, before running in the opposite direction. This time, there was no wind, just rain. Along the docks, we found the buildings, I vaguely remember from my young childhood, when I lived in Liverpool for 18months.

Along just a little further, was statues... the girlies liked trying to copy the pose.... and the rain wasn't stopping the laughter....

...and trying to speak in the mega phones, without standing in the puddle.....

...on the hunt for a geocache, we found, what the girls called the "rainbow ship" .... it certainly stood out on this grey day with the grey buildings behind....

...the girlies thought they saw "big ben".... they are still obsessed by it now, and J was able to tell us the time despite the very low cloud....

...before we decided it was too wet for our picnic, and headed to find somewhere to eat instead, passing more boats and ships.....

....the girlies still managed to find Easter eggs, despite them being on a sign, anyone would think its Easter?.....

...we finally decided on Nando's for lunch, as we all like chicken, and its diet friendly... although J suddenly turned fussy whilst in there, and decided she no longer liked mayo on her burger, however, the lovely member of staff Lindsay, took J t the kitchen and got her a new burger with no mayo(and got her more colouring in sheets, J loved going with her for them)... THANK YOU!!! She really went the extra mile making J's day...

..We were then of too The Epstein Theatre, to see Beauty and the Beast. It was great fun, and a perfect way to fill a wet afternoon. There was lots of giggles from all three generations, and dancing, and clapping.... The girls loved meeting the stars afterwards too...
That then finished our adventures in Liverpool, so we headed back to the train station, where we met up with Mummy 3+1 dog who also went to the theatre... and our two trains back home. We made it back home just in time for hot chocolate, and a slightly later bed time, with no tantrums, and not too many tears.... (almost none, but the mayo incident did cause a few!! I blame the school for tiring her out, Teehee!)

How have you spent the first day of Easter, and half term?? Have you ever been to Liverpool, what would you recommend seeing when visiting as a tourist??

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  1. Aw it looks like they're having fun despite the weather! Haven't been to Liverpool in ages

  2. Looks like a great day out despite the rain :)

  3. You are brave taking young kids on a train! Mine are seven and five and the very idea is nightmarish! Well done to you - your trip looked great fun.

  4. Looks like you had a great day! I love the 'rainbow ship' and it must have been fabulous for the girls to see Beauty and the Beast.
    It's always impressive to get everyone and everything out of the house on time with no shouting!

  5. Despite the weather the girls look like they're having a marvelous time running around the statues and finding the interesting ships. It's cute that the girls thought that they saw Big Ben. I'm impressed the day went off without too much of a hitch (let's just forget about the mayo incident). Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  6. Its really wet! But your kids' spirit cant be dampen by it! Love them for enjoying this trip even even its wet! #countrykids

  7. Sorry I didn't get to speak to you properly, we left the panto. Liverpool is ace whatever the weather though, always so much to do! Glad you had a good day xx

  8. Looks like you had fun, despite the weather. How did you manage a day without tantrums? We would have had a number of them before we'd even arrived! ;-)


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