Monday, 11 May 2015

Crocky Trail Review

The air is filled with giggles and screams of excited children. Children falling down the revolving tubes, and mud splattered parents over confidently attempting a giddy run through. Will they make it through, without falling hard? Does it matter, if they do fall? Everyone is giggling, smiling and happy at the Crocky Trail.

So what is the Crocky trail, (Nr Chester)? Its a day filled with fun for the adventurous. Or fear, for the scaredy cats amongst us. No seriously, its a great, dirty day out. Its a track around a farmers field. With obstacles along the way. Lots of various bridges, and great rides for all to enjoy.
I saved this great day out for when Daddy M could join us so we could have 1:1 with the girls, and a good friend joined us too with her boys and husband. With 5 children between us ranging from 3 to 9, we were sure to give Crocky trail a great test.
They have huge slides, and I mean gigantic, and steep. So big that you need a mat to go down. And not a fear of heights. I happily took the photographer approach here, and sent daddy up with the girls, and A from 3boyshubbyandme ...
J's face of fear whilst sliding down, with the cold fast air whizzing past her, says it all, then followed by the huge smile at the bottom... I think we have a little adrenaline junkie on our hands...
We were soon off on the trail around the field. How many different ways is there to cross a stream?
There were so many ways. If one particular bridge didn't take your liking, there was generally a safer way around. Some bridges were unsuitable for S, our tiny for her age 3 year old, as her legs were just not big enough, or she bottled out. As we went at half term, it was busy, and there were some kiddies with mud up and over their ankles... did they really fall in? On the day we attended the ground wasn't muddy, but I can imagine it would be even more fun if it was, and more slippery. They had bridges you had to balance on so they wouldn't topple. Ones you had to crawl along, some you had to practice walking the plank, and a chain link bridge, which only the 9year old attempted in our group.
Dotted around the track were some unusual ways to keep the kids, and grown ups entertained. Roundabouts they could turn from the middle, a balancing barrel game, where you had to get to the end and ring the bell, without falling off. A did fall, and unfortunately all we could do was laugh at her...  the ground was padded, to soften the blow, but if she was in pain she hid it well under the fit of giggles she was also in. The girls managed it though with a helping hand, and proudly, rang the bell, very loud for all to hear.
A plank maze with overgrown grass, and metal crocodiles also grabbed our attention for longer then it ought to, whilst they figured the way from start to finish without stepping over the "dangerous" metal crocodiles.
After the mile long track, and our picnic. (There are benches around, but the hunt is on to find an empty one!) The amazing swinging bench was sadly taken, but looked amazing!) We were back at the, what I can only describe as rides. This is where we all had the most fun and giggles, and what I truly believe makes Crocky trail a great day out.
The revolving builders tube, where the aim of the game is to get from one end to the other without falling, we failed at, but again was in fits of giggles attempting it....
J's face shows the fear, mummy's face shows the fun...
And other slides you had to climb up... Once you were at the top, the aim was to stay there as it moved, and attempted to unstick you...
There was a haunted house, which is not suitable for under 9's, it was so scary, people were running back out the entrance. When I say scary, I mean disorientated. A and myself attempted it without the kids, but she bottled on me. My hear was thumping hard as I felt my way through. Spinning floors, walls closing in, Its just surreal, all in blackness. I somehow stumbled out the fire exit, unintentionally of course. Did I want to go back in to complete it? Nope. Its the first haunted house, that did the trick for me in the 28 years I've been around.
So many rides, that I wont mention them all here. It was a great day out. S, didn't get as much out of it as the others due to her age, however she did enjoy it still. Everyone was buzzing, it was a successful group and family day out.
Check out my video, including more photos, and video clips of our day... and hear the giggles for yourselves...
To find out more, and book your tickets, go to the Crocky Trail website here.
*We were given complimentary tickets in return for an honest review. All pictures, words, video and opinions are my own.
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  1. This looks like such a great day out! I can't wait to do this kind of stuff with my little boy.

  2. Oh that does look like a lot of fun for both kids and grown ups alike!

  3. This looks like a great day out for kids and grown ups, I just wish I lived closer to Chester x

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  5. this place looks amazing, i really want to take Z in the holidays as i know he will LOVE it! #TriedTested

  6. That looks like a fantastic place to visit! It looks like you had so much fun!

  7. That looks like brilliant fun! It's not a million miles away from my in-laws, so when M is a bit older (I think he'd be too intimidated now) I might suggest going there #TriedTested

  8. That looks and sounds like such a great family day out x #triedtested

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  10. Woah! Looks like you all had a fab day! Not heard or seen anything like this before!

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  11. This sounds and looks fantastic and I love the video you've made. If we're ever near chester we're going to have to check this place out.

  12. Quite an adventure and I love the outdoor drop slides though that haunted house sounds like it needed health warnings on it! I love all the stream crossing challenges, definitely somewhere worth a visit. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  13. I keep reading about this place but think J is too young to go yet. He is 2


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