Sunday, 24 May 2015

Geronimo Festival review

We had been eagerly awaiting this weekend since January, when we were asked to be Geronimo ambassadors. We heard what the plan was, and it sounded like an amazing day out for families. From our experience, sometimes, the build up is not worth the event, and others, its not built up enough. Geronimo Festival, was the latter.
The atmosphere was relaxed. There was no hurrying, pushing, or urgency. We were amazed. We were expecting to need alcohol after the stress of a busy day out. However, the festival was spread out so we were not on top of others, which meant the children could get hands on. It wasn't too far spread out, so the little legs could still get around. It was very well thought out.

The girls spotted the brio tent, so that was our first port of call. The day was about the children, so they led the way. There was a lot of track, and extra parts, it was an amazing train set, and the girls loved getting hands on to build it up, with other children joining in, as they were coming and going.

We were soon at the circus skills tent. All the 'fun' things laid out for the children to have a go, and clowns happy to help out and guide.... J even managed to spin two plates at the same time, whilst balancing a bucket on her head, just like a clown, and S was happy twirling ribbons. There was something for everyone.

Whilst getting hands on, the funny show was  about to begin in the big top. It sure was funny. It had us all involved, and laughing.

We made it just in time for Mr Blooms VIP meet and greet. The girls were star struck, that they could meet the man off TV, and shout cabbages, with just a few minutes wait.

They also got to meet Katie Ashworth from I can cook. J loved her. She watches the programme intensely on TV, and often asks to recreate the dishes, so she was mesmerised by her, I think it shows in her face, and body language with her, whereas S, keeping it real, just stood there and posed like she was anybody.

J really wanted to meet Cook and Line from Swashbuckle, to "meet her favourite bad guys", as she calls them. S was too scared to stand next to them.

After the meet and greets, we lapped up the warm sunshine that broke through from the bitter cold start, and sat and watched the main stage whilst we let our picnic lunch settle. The girls frolicked in the long grass, dancing to the songs, whilst we sat and took it all in.

We decided to sit near the back so the girls could run around. We could still see, due to how they positioned the stage, and it just felt so relaxed. We could have stayed there all day. However, there was so much to see and do still, that we only sat for a little while.

There is always something different or quirky to see. For example the Fly-cycle or the submer-cycle. The girlies managed to get a ride, and dress up for the adventures, through the festival grounds.

We then discovered hiding behind some trees Monkey doo. This looked amazing. Lots of nets hung between trees, where the kids could monkey around them. They split the times into two sessions 3-6 yrs and 6+. Booking was essential for time slots, however they were not strict. This was our only  let down from the day. We booked a timed session, so they could keep to the 25 child policy. However at the time allocated, no one checked the list, and more then 25 kids piled on. I ended up pulling the girlies off after 10 minutes, as my stress levels raised, and tears emerged with kids piling on top of each other. If they kept to the list, this wold have been avoided. However the smaller net for toddlers, was much more relaxed for a little climb around.
They could soon bounce some more energy off with a choice of four bouncy castles.

The girls chose not to do the high ropes course, or zip wire, as they have done Go-Ape before, and wanted to make the most of their time. This had one of the longest queues off the day.

The other attraction the girls passed on was the helter skelter. It looked so much fun, and I was secretly gutted they didn't want a go, but it was all about them. Plus this was the other longest queue for the day.

On passing the circus tent, the girls wanted another go.
As we explored, we discovered the donkeys, which the girls absolutely loved riding.  

As we passed the dance zone, we spotted a familiar face... Mr Yipadee. The girls adore him, so a quick boo-gey with him, and a few balloon animals later, the girls were giddy.

They danced the giddiness away on the catwalk, for all to see...

...and even roped in a few dancing pals too, everyone was having a great time.

 The time was running away with us, so we decided to hit the craft tent before it was time to leave. They had a huge choice of things to do. Decorate a rubber ducky, create a spoon person, or even a cooking craft, which you needed to book onto. The girls were in their element, and didn't want to leave.

Just as we were about to leave, we were informed the parade was due to begin soon, so we decided to stay a little longer. The girls were soon stuck in with another craft of making merino wool princess fairies, whilst Daddy M napped on a nearby settee and got sun burnt... whoops!
We watched the parade pass us from the VIP area, as the girls were still crafting... it sounded so full of energy, with the beating drums, and crowds of people following. Its a great way to finish a truly lovely family day out.
This year is Geronimo's first year. I would call it a very successful launch, and hope it returns next year. It is still on, on Monday 25th May at Tatton Park, and tickets can be bought on the gate. The gates open at 10, and it closes at 5pm. For more information click here.  
My Tips if you are visiting.
  • I would recommend arriving just before 10 am, to spend the full day there, as you will need it. We didn't get time to visit all the attractions, or even the under 5's area.
  • The high ropes, monkey doo, and the helter skelter were the busiest attractions of the day, so I would recommend visiting those earlier in the day.
  • Relax, and go with the flow, and soak in the relaxed, chilled family friendly atmosphere.
  • Take a picnic blanket to enjoy the shows
  • Bring sun cream, even if its a grey start to the day.
  • If its been raining, wear some waterproof shoes. Its on grass, and likely to get muddy, however there wasn't this problem on Saturday.
*We were given complimentary VIP family tickets in return for an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. It looks like a fabulous day out hunny, will be definitely going next year.

  2. This all looks like a lot of fun, I think my son would love this too:-) xx

  3. Looks like you all had a great time, my brothers and I would have loved the Brio tent when we were kids!

  4. What a wonderful time you all had, it looks very well organised. Fabulous that the girls got to meet the tv stars too.

  5. looks like so much fun! xxx Dominika

  6. What a great review. Hopefully we can go next year

  7. Wow this looks like so much fun for the kids, looks like you had a great day! x

  8. Looks like you and your family had a great time, I know my brothers kids love going to festivals like this - thanks for sharing x

  9. Agree with your review! Long queues for helter skelter. Poor management of monkey doo. We booked but our name was not checked and about 40 kids were allowed on with limited supervision! Our 4 year old did love it but it was a bit chaotic.


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