Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lego Discovery Centre

A few weeks ago, we were invited to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre for the launch party of the new Duplo village. Unfortunately this fantastic party clashed with Grandads birthday get-together, thankfully, we were able to come and visit another day to try the new area out.
We decided to visit on a busy half-term afternoon, as it was the only convenient time we could do. As we arrived, it was buzzing, kids running around happy and excited, some intensely building models, and others waiting patiently for the 4D short film to start. LEGOLAND discovery centre is on a much smaller scale then LEGOLAND Windsor but all undercover. This makes it a great day out come rain or shine.

The Duplo village is aimed at children from 2-5years. When we visited in the past, we had great fun and now its been refurbished, we struggled to get the girls out of it.
It has been made bigger with a house added. Inside the house is padded steps that can be climbed up, and a small curling slide coming down. This excited both girls as the larger play area was very busy. They enjoyed the quieter slide going around and around. They still have the large foam style Duplo bricks to build LARGE models, and Duplo plates on the wall for standard Duplo building. They also have a large cow that at a press of a button Moo's. All the kids loved this.
The large foam "Duplo" building bricks
Whilst we visited to try out the Duplo village, we also tried out some of the other areas too. The girls got stuck in becoming Master Lego Builders, and made their very own Koala bears.
S then loved playing in the Lego pits. She wasn't really building anything in particular, but enjoyed the free-play.
J enjoyed driving a police car around a course.
We all enjoyed the 4D short film, and got a little wet.
We flew around on Merlin's Apprentice ride. S conquered her fear and didn't want to get off when the ride finished.
We also helped saved the dragon eggs from the bad guys. Daddy won with his great laser shooting, whereas S just sat and watched it all go on around her, and shall we say J and myself , still needs a lot of practise.
All in all, we had a great day. The girlies loved the surprise, thanks for having us LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.  
*We received complimentary entry in return for an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. We managed to make it to the launch of the Duplo Farm at The Legoland Discovery Centre and I was very impressed. Its been years since we last visited and it has changed (for the better) so much and little J loved it. I love the Merlins Apprentice ride. xx Mummy2Monkeys xx

  2. Wow looks a like a Kid's dream. How cool is that. I loved lego as a kid!

    Kirsty xx


  3. I must confess that even at this age both hubby and me love lego bricks and we have accompanied my friends on trips to Windsor and done so many rides! I am quite crazy abt legoland , lovely post and great pictures espp the one with J zipping in that police , it looks like a real fun thing to do! - Manjiri - sliceoffme


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