Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Photo albums with Snapfish

Everyone has a camera these days. Whether it be with a phone, a compact camera or a DSLR. Its great photos and memories can be captioned anywhere from holidays to sports days, but what do you do with your photos once you have clicked and possibly shared on social media? The majority of ours are just stored on our computer and I dread to think what will happen if we ever get a virus or get burgled. All those captured memories lost forever. My nan asked me a few Christmas's ago what I do with them, and she couldn't believe I didn't pop them in a photo album.

The truth is these days traditional photo albums are so hard to come by and very bulky. After doing some research we now use Snapfish and their photo books. They are just like photo albums with photos printed into the book rather then photos stuck in. This stops anyone slipping a photo out, or them discolouring and fading. They have many different styles and size photo books varying for every budget and occasion. Our favourite is the 11x8 hard back landscape photo book. It is a perfect size for a coffee table or a book shelf. We now have a neat and tidy little collection.
You can customize the book completely from the colour of the cover and pages, to how you like the photos inside, even how many pages you want. We use many different templates inside our albums. The Christmas album is crammed with lots of treasured memories, around themed coloured pages, our wedding album is more elegant and has a textured look to the pages and our holiday albums include full page photos to capture the scenery.
I love these albums so much. I love that it doesn't matter if you want one or twenty photos on a page, you can do it. Using the set up wizard it is simple too. The hard part is deciding what photos you want and exactly whereabouts you want them. There is no staples inside the book and they open up just like a normal book.
The books are not just restricted to photos either. In our wedding album we inserted the readings alongside the photos so we can remember in years to come what exactly was said.
Our holiday albums just have a few words stating which town the photos were taken.
The back and spine of the cover can also be personalised to give it a true book feel.
The girlies enjoy the albums too and often just flick through. They can not just open up the computer and look through the thousands of photos I take, nor can relatives when we visit. These albums will be cherished for years to come and more added to our collection over the years. We have given some as gifts before too including making a wedding album instead of a registry gift for the happy couple.
Snapfish currently have an offer on until 5th July offering 30% off. For more information on special offers, click here.
*We received a £40 voucher to create a recent holiday album. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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  1. these look great but are a pain to organise properly! Often taking hours to get the right layout and upload the pics


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