Thursday, 11 June 2015

Spinnaker Tower Review

We left early, very early on the day we needed to catch our ferry to France. This was essential to make sure we didn't miss our boat. We all know the motorway system around the UK; one accident, and it goes to a standstill. We were lucky, despite the rain our journey from the North West to Portsmouth only took 4.5-5hours with a quick stop for lunch. This meant we had a few hours to explore Portsmouth a little more. I am originally from Portsmouth but it has changed so much since I have been away. Spinnaker tower has now been built, and has been standing high and mighty for 10 years. It has been on our bucket list to visit for a few years, so this was our perfect opportunity to explore a national icon.

Not everyone knows what Spinnaker tower is. I obviously do as I am originally a southerner, and was around when the planning started. Its a tower (170 meters tall) that has been designed by the people of Portsmouth, situated in Gunwharf Quays (A shopping outlet) right on the waterfront. It looks like a ships sail, with viewing platforms and a café.
The rain had disappeared and we were met with glorious sunshine. This helped with the views. We could not have picked a better day. The lift shot us up to the first viewing platform situated at 100meters high. It was a very high speed lift, and took next to no time getting us up there. As the lift opened the girls were mesmerised and ran straight to the window. WOW!
The views were phenomenal... J pointed out a building that looked like a lipstick, and it turns out that is what its called, we also saw a Brittany Ferry that got the girls even more excited about the holiday. 
Can you tell by the pictures that I'm still petrified of heights? I could not get too close as my knees just went wobbly. Hubby then pointed out the glass floor..... Eek!! That is when Daddy M took over with the photos...
J was a little nervous, but when Daddy started jumping up and down on the glass she realised it was safe and was soon running up and down the glass with another little visitor. The glass floor is only a section, so if you get wobbly knees like me, it is not compulsory. I found it didn't really hit me that we were that high up, maybe because I was just so Wowed over by the views?
It was half term when we visited. They had some children activities going on; building your very own Lego tower was one of them, we could have been there for hours.
Or driving a rig (boat) around a course on a timer to see if you could be the leader. This was great fun for both the children and the adults.
We could have spent a lot longer then we did just looking around, and building towers, or even having an afternoon tea in the café on deck 2. We all enjoyed our visit to the iconic tower. S especially really enjoyed it. When she spotted it on the ferry she got all excited again squelling "We where there!". It really was a memory made. Just look at that face....
Here are a few more of my photos of the landmark... one taken from the ferry outbound, the other of Portsmouth skyline inbound... who doesn't love a good sunset picture?

If you would like to visit The Spinnaker tower, it is open between 10am-5.30pm everyday, except in August when it opens for longer; 9.30am-6pm. Children under 3 enter for free, and if booked online Adults are £8.10 and children are priced at £6.40. To find out more information click here.
Would I recommend visiting? Yes. It was a great way to see Portsmouth, and build up the excitement for the girls. It meant we were within 10 minutes of the port for our boat, and with restaurants on the door step too, it was the perfect afternoon out.
*We were given complimentary entry in return for an honest review. All words, pictures and opinions are my own.


  1. I'd never heard of Spinnaker Tower but it's quite a landmark, I can see! I too suffer from vertigo. I get a tingling sensation in my feet when it happens. I never used to have a problem with heights - it all started after I had kids. Weird! Looks like you had a fab day out. Tx

  2. Me too. Never heard of Spinnaker before, must go! Looks like a lovely place to venture

  3. This looks incredible. That view! Wow. I have driven past it a bunch of times but never been - I live in Basingstoke and used to have to go to work in Portsmouth :)

  4. I visited here a few years ago ( my ex was in the navy based in portsmouth) the views were amazing but i could not walk on that glass floor i felt sick just looking at the ground below xx

  5. OMG You were brave!!!!!!!!!!! I'm terrified of glass floors especially when they are that high.

  6. This seems like such a good day! Spending time with family is so important. Xxx


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