Friday, 3 July 2015

Eurocamp Avant Accommodation Review

It feels so long ago now that we were on our holiday in France. The purpose of our holiday was to review the three bedroom Avant accommodation with Eurocamp. This style accommodation is new for 2015, and we were one of the first to step inside. Our accommodation was in La Pointe, St Giles which is in Bènodet, Brittany.

When we arrived we could not believe how good it looked. There were only about 5 of these homes that we could see on the site and one of them was ours for the week. The canopy, built in decking and patio sets all screamed luxury.

A gas BBQ comes as standard for these home too, and Daddy was keen to try it out during our stay, along with a clothes airer to help dry those swimming costumes. The rumble truck is an added extra which comes in handy for tired little legs.
The home has two sets of patio doors that leads out into the decking area. This gave it a very light and airy feel.
The decking area includes a table with 4 matching chairs, and extras if you have more guests staying. It also includes two recliner chairs and two sunbeds in a plastic rattan style.
As you walk into the home itself you are welcomed by another table. This can be made smaller or extended to the size seen here with a built in bench around two sides of it. The shelf is also a great addition. We stored all our board games, colouring books etc. on this shelf to save a cluttered table. These are needed whilst staying with young children as no TV is provided in this home. A radio is supplied along with a fan if needed.

The three bedroom Avant includes a double room with built in bedside tables, shelves above the bed and a wardrobe built into the wall. However no coat hangers came inside, so you may want to bring your own if you wish to hang any clothes.

The first twin room includes bunk beds and another built in wardrobe. It has small built in shelves in a little alcove too. This room was the smallest. J fell out of the bottom bunk one night and ended up with a black eye as she hit the heater. I was just about able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the bed and the wall. (I was an average size 16, so not massive, nor tiny). However this room is intended for children and J had no issues with it, unless it came to getting undressed.

The other twin was a better size with two beds side by side with a table separating them. Another built in shelf and wardrobe helped too. We hired a bed guard for an extra cost in case S decided she would roll out of bed, and this fitted easily.
The double and twin beds were camping bed style, and one of the beds were already missing a few slats. The bedroom windows all come with a black out blind in runners and curtains to help keep the morning light out.
The kitchen seemed to be the perfect size for a holiday kitchen with everything you need. The microwave came in handy for the girls hot chocolate, the freezer was used for ice creams, and a decent size fridge for all our essentials. The added perk was a dishwasher. This meant after cooking there was no hassle of washing up.

I have included pictures of the kitchen kit so you know what to expect. There was everything we needed to cook a lot of our weekly meals. There were drinking glasses, wine glasses, mugs, a coffee plunger  if you wish to drink "real" coffee. A gas kettle, bottle opener, oven glove, (I would recommend you bring your own, it was a very thin oven glove!) cheese grater, bowls, big plates, little plates, Pyrex bowls, egg cups, saucepans, frying pans, chopping board, and yes even a sharp knife.

On booking we opted to have a welcome pack and essentials kit to help us settle in. This enabled us to have a brew and the girls a juice whilst we settled in before going on a hunt for a supermarket. It also enabled us to have a cheeky wine if we wished. The essentials kit meant we didn't have to pack the washing up kit. Even with a dishwasher we still need tea towels and dish cloths to clean down tables etc..

We had a few teething issues on our stay but as we were the third family ever in the home, we knew this was to be expected. The main issue was the dishwasher flooded the home. Thankfully I had noticed as it happened and managed to move our bag of cameras and camcorders off the floor, and grabbed every towel we could find. Eurocamp had someone out within fifteen minutes fixing the issue. The staff even paid for our towels to be laundered as it was not our fault. This did result in me finding it in a dryer over 12 hours later though to reclaim it so I could pack to go home, as I think they forgot about it.
My overall thoughts of the accommodation is great. It looks very nice, and has everything you may need whilst on holiday. It does keep you warm and dry. We used the heaters most mornings as it was cold, and it heated up rather quickly, the beds are comfortable, and it is a base for a great holiday. The deck space was used a lot when it was dry and it was great to be able to close the gate and keep the girls contained. We even had tears of J when it was time to leave.
We have stayed in a traditional caravan before with a UK holiday firm and hated how small it was. This accommodation was different. Maybe due to the patio doors and decking? Or the modern décor, either way, its a positive outcome from us for the Avant 3 bedroom accommodation.
Take a walk around with us in the video below. I have also included a peek into the bathroom as I stupidly forgot to take photos!
*We were given a weeks complimentary stay for the purpose of a review. All words, photos, video and opinion are my own.

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  1. This looks great and perfect for a holiday with children. I have never been anywhere like this before xx

  2. I've never stayed in a holiday camp in Europe, but this does look really good.


  3. We love going to France, but usually stay with family. Eurocamp looks lovely and a perfect place to stay with children - looks very spacious! It's a great idea to get the welcome pack and essentials pack!

  4. I have fond memories of a Eurocamp holiday as a child - but we're talking 25 years ago in a tent ;) This looks pretty swish in comparison.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  5. I remember going on Eurocamp holidays when I was small. The accommodation looks lovely, so clean and practical. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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