Friday, 24 July 2015

Maize maze at National Forest Adventure Farm

The maize was up and over the girls heads, the hot sun was beaming down on us. The dirt track was dry even though it rained earlier that morning. We could hear voices, but saw no one. Armed with a rucksack full of juice, full bellies and a flag on a pole if we needed help we were lost. Where were we? We were in the middle of a maize maze. Not just any maze. It was a HUGE over 3 miles worth of trail maze at National Forest Adventure Farm to celebrate JCB's 70 years.

The girls have never done a maize maze before so we were unsure how they would react getting lost for fun. We cheated a little and bought a map for a "just in case" moment. It comes fully sealed so if you don't need to use it you can return it and get your £1 refunded.
We had our picnic before heading in, however there is a few picnic bench's inside, when you find them, along with a place to buy ice creams if you wish.
J loved the adventure. S was a little unsure. I got down to her level and understood where she was coming from. For the adults the maize was never over our heads for long, but for the smaller child it was for the duration. Picking her up occasionally reassured her, and we managed to continue our way around.
The maze was not a traditional maze, there was no middle to find. Instead there was eight stations around the entire maze with a stamp attached. On entering the maze you are given a "passport" that needs each stamp to prove you have been to the station.
We found a couple very easily and quickly but soon became a little stuck as to where the boards are. They are not all very obvious. We climbed many viewing towers to find which path we needed to take, and where we needed to go.
Eventually Daddy gave up and dived into the map. This was a good idea as S was getting hot and after all the juice that they were requesting we knew the toilet would be needed soon.
Both girls enjoyed learning how to read a map, and choosing which way to go before pounding the tracks and getting worn out in the hot sun. The maize protected us from any breeze, it was a real sun trap.
With the map in hand we soon got the other stations all stamped off, it still was not easy working our way from one end of the maze to the other, often doubling back on ourselves to get the next path that would take us to the next. The next few photos really put the size of the maize into perspective.

After completing all eight stations we then worked our way to the giant yellow JCB. It was a happy sight even if we did cheat using a map. The girls successfully completed their first real maze.
...they then posted their stamp sheet in the JCB bucket in the hope of winning a JCB experience. Fingers are crossed!
The maze is not the only new thing at National Forest Adventure Farm this summer. Continuing on the JCB theme they also have a construction tent. Real construction. Real bricks and almost real cement. (I think it is more sandy so it can be knocked down easy)

Both girls loved attempting to finish the walls after being shown how to turn the cement, then apply it.

A new bouncy castle assault course in a JCB style is also in place on the "fun field", the bouncy pillows are still there too, along with the wooden play frame and sand pit.
We decided that we would also try some of the activities that we have not been able to take part in on other visits due to timings. Therefore the girls collected eggs from the chickens and ducks.
Watched a cow get milked. They now know how the milk gets into the supermarkets....

They were then lucky enough that they were then able to feed that freshly pumped milk to the calf's...

Of course we did the usual visiting the animals, stroking the guinea pigs, tractor rides and barrel rides. You can see our previous visits to the Adventure Farm at Easter here, Halloween here, and spring here. As you can see there is always something going on. We love it.
*We were given complimentary tickets in return for an honest review. All photos, words and opinions are my own.
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  1. Ahh this looks like such a lovely day out! :)

  2. I have never been a maize maze before but it does look like a lot of fun! Loved the bit where they got to work with the cement mixer the children looked ecstatic! x

  3. It looks like loads of fun for you all, the girls seem to be smiling the whole way round. It's great that even though S was a little nervous of being in the maze she still carried on and helped finish it. It looks like National Forest Adventure Farm have really pulled out all the stops to create some fab new attractions for people this summer. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  4. That maize would make me feel a bit panicky if I'm honest, but Monkey loves JCB, we really do need to get up to this place, he'd be in heaven #CountryKids

  5. I've never been to a maize maze and now I feel that I've really missed out! What a fabulous day, the brick wall building looks like great fun too.
    Gad you all enjoyed yourselves #countrykids

  6. The brick laying is my fave and looks exciting. Looks like you all had fun in there =)

    My son would love to go there!


  7. Aww, this looks like a great day out :)

  8. Oh wow I wished we lived closer my little boy would love this and he's digger mad! #CountryKids


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