Friday, 28 August 2015

A day out at Farmers Palmers

This summer saw me and the girlies return "home" to the South Coast. We visited for almost two weeks which meant we had a lot of days to fill with entertaining the girls. One of these days I wanted to try out Farmer Palmers. My niece and nephew loved it there when they were younger so wanted to treat the girls to a fun packed day too.

The original day we planned on visiting was a wash out (thanks British weather) so we changed our plans to visit on the day we needed to do the 5 hour drive back to the North-West. The plan was that the girls would be so tired they would fall asleep for the drive... or wish full thinking anyway!
Nana came along with us too, to join in the fun.
Our first port of call was to see the goats, we just missed the bottle feeding by 5 minutes which was a shame, but I think one was still hungry as it attempted to eat S's dress. She doesn't look to sure about it, and promptly walked away after the photo was taken.

Outside of the animal barn was ride on tractors. Big and small. J instantly found a larger one to ride on but S refused to even try to get on one.

Instead S ran over to the hay barn. Under cover with an open front it makes it ideal if the weather wasn't on our side, or to shade from the sun. Countless times she climbed the hay to slide down again and again...

J soon realised the excitement of the hay barn too and decided to try out the bigger slide.

S then found the tunnels amongst the hay too, and had fun exploring those.

 Just before leaving J wanted a hay fight, scooping up some hay that was to soften the floor....

..yeah she wont be doing that again...

It was soon time for pony grooming. The activity barn was large with enough seats for a good sized crowd, and again was under shelter. Allowing two children to a side at a time meant that everyone got a decent go without any pushing.

They had a big park with lots of activities. Assault course, slides, climbing wooden animals and a water and sand table with tubes and mills. They could spend all day in the park alone...

Unfortunately one little boy took a disliking to S, and unknown I was stood behind him taking photos (trying not to get other faces into shots!) he launched a handful of wet sand directly into S's eye...

After confronting his mum who was not supervising like all the signs request around the park, and informing her what her son did so she could discipline him (no child is a little angel after all) to only get abuse back, we decided to rinse S's face off at the hand wash basins and leave. This was our last day of holiday and one that was meant to have been filled with laughter and smiles, and it was until that incident. Its a shame one person let it down. We decided not to stay on and sample the splash park or the bouncy castles, or the indoor play area as I was angry and upset as you can imagine with it being her eye.

After leaving and returning home I informed Farmer Palmers that it would not be a full review and the reason why. They have informed me that if I contacted a member of staff they would have watched that family to see if any more incidents would have happened to help protect others. They would have also seen to S's eye to check if we would have needed hospital treatment. They are now thinking about putting up a Do not throw sand signs too, but that should be common sense really shouldn't it? The incident wasn't Farmer Palmers fault. The problem being, why wasn't a child no older then 3 being watched? I know S isn't an angel, but on this occasion it was unprovoked.

.We enjoyed all the parts we did see at Farmer Palmers and it wont stop us from returning again. From a days out point of view there isn't many animals to see but they do have structured activities frequently around the animals like grooming and feeding. It is more a fun zone, with parks and ride on's, and bouncy castles. Still makes a great day out!
*We were given a complimentary family ticket for the purpose of a review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Those slides are awesome x

  2. It looks like you had a lovely day. I love farms when I was a kid. X

  3. Loving the hay barn. Can imagine the excitement! It looks like you had a great time, and certainly something a little different!

  4. Loving the hay barn. Can imagine the excitement! It looks like you had a great time, and certainly something a little different!

  5. Looks like great fun (apart from the sand-throwing incident)! We have a place like this not far from where we live - you've reminded me that I should take the girls there again, they'll love it now they're a bit older. x

  6. Oh wow what a fantastically fun looking place to visit - I love the play barn! x

  7. this looks like so much fun!!!!!! i wonder when they're going to start having adult days on these things so we cna all play ;)x

  8. Darn that last incident but apart from that it sounded like a great day out. I enjoy farms even at my age :)

  9. We LOVE Farmer Palmers! So much to do for little people!

  10. Farmer Palmers is near us and I think it makes a fantastic day out. Looks like you all had lots of fun.

  11. Sounds like you had lots of fun until the last incident put a dampener on the occasion. Hope S is ok x

  12. wow this looks like a great place, and it looks like you all had lots of fun. We went to a similar place a couple of months ago and my daughter loved it! So much fun =)

  13. Loved the goat! Sorry that your day ended on a low, but glad to hear that your journey home to the South Coast was a good one

  14. This looks like good fun. We are just around an hour from it so may have to give it a go. Thank you and I'm sorry one family ruined the day for you
    Found you via Facebook comment link

  15. It looks like you all had so much fun! What a great day out.

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty


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