Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tara Binns Eagle-Eyed Pilot review

We were sent Tara Binns Eagle-eyed pilot book to review mainly because Daddy is an airline pilot and they wanted his opinion on the book. We read almost every night to the girls just before bed and its nice to get a new book every so often to keep our minds fresh more then the girls.

The book is a large paper back book which makes it easy to hold so both girls can see whilst reading. With beautiful illustration and bright colours it gave them something to look at whilst they were listening.

The story is written in rhyme, so it flows well and is fun to read as well as to listen to. With no big words it meant J could read it too if we were doing 1:1 reading. (aged 5-6 years)

The story line is about a girl that dances around a dressing up case and is transformed into a pilot on board a plane where she is a captain. A storm hits and she needs to decide what to do. She gets them all to safety and flies over somewhere new that looks like a treasure map with a big X marks the spot. She lands the plane and finds lots of treasure. She persuades the other passengers to give the treasure to the people that were affected by the storm by flying over and parachuting it out the back, before she is transformed back into Tara Binns.

From a pilots point of view there is not much to say. Its more about empowering young minds then teaching them the role. However, if you want to be picky... you wouldn't usually fly above storm clouds you would usually fly around due to the uncertainty and power they hold.

 Daddy enjoyed this book and is hoping it does remind young children that they can be pilots if they want to as since they are not allowed on the flight deck anymore that dream doesn't seem to be there for many anymore.

The girlies embraced the book. Both was sat crossed legged eagerly awaiting for the next part of the story and attempting to guess what would happen by looking at the pictures.

I love the book as it re-enforces that they can be anyone they wish too be if they put their mind to it.

Who doesn't like a good rhyming book with a strong message behind it? If you would like to buy Tara Binns Eagle-eyed pilot you can purchase it here.

*I was sent the book for the purpose of review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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