Sunday, 2 August 2015

Three Shires Head with children

Its been a long time since the girlies and myself went out for a "long" walk. J always seems so tired with school, or S refuses to leave. Chores need doing or the rain comes in. We had no excuse today though with the weather dry but overcast. I just had that itch to get outside. I didn't tell the girls how long the walk is, just that's its long, there will be sweets and a waterfall.

The car took us right into the middle of nowhere. Hills surrounded us with nothing but a few farms around. The girls were pleased with the choice of footwear as it meant they could go puddle splashing.

and stream dipping even if there was a bridge to go over...

The rocky uneven path seemed to go up hill for a very long time and S needed to be almost dragged up the hill as she became slower and slower. Eventually the path changed to fields and they were much happier running amongst the goats and sheep.
...and tackling the real countryside styals.  J wasn't to impressed with going into this field as there were a few cows mixed in with the sheep, just to keep us on our toes. I am petrified of cows since an incident a few years ago with bullocks surrounding us, but I had to put on a brave face, and just walk.

As we left the animals behind the path became rocky again, and seemed to climb but as we were walking along with the stream, we knew we couldn't be far until our promised picnic spot.

The bridge emerged, and suddenly we saw more walkers. All enjoying the peace and natural beauty. We picked our spot underneath one waterfall with the pool right behind us.

After lunch the girls went in to explore. J was almost in past the top of her wellies so had to quickly be ushered back out. It was still a long walk back to the car.

We stripped the leggings, socks and wellies off, and their jumpers off their waists... just in case...

...and sent them in carefully as it got deep very quickly...

As quick as they were in the pool, they were back out again. J slipped on a slippery rock and soaked herself from head to toe. I couldn't help but laugh. Thankfully her jumper and leggings kept her covered whilst everything else was stripped off! I cant imagine doing the return journey with a wet and cold five year old girl.
As she was warming up, it was my time to take some photos of the beautiful natural scenery. I only wished I took along the DSLR to take better photos. This shot captures some of the beauty and was just took using the phone. No filters added. Isn't it beautiful?

When it was time to go again it was up hill.... again. It is just a gentle up hill, but is constant. The views were spectacular though, and was worth S walking slower again.

As we popped through more sheep pastures the girls spotted a "poorly" butterfly. We are not sure exactly what was wrong with it, but it seemed lethargic and actually flew on J several times.

 It was a beautiful walk, and if done at a slow pace is suitable for young children. It comes out at just over 4 miles over different terrains. A real "countryside" walk, and not a tarmac path. It was a great challenge that brought them to their knees! - only joking... they are pretending to be sheep!

If you are in Cheshire and fancy trying this walk, we used the walk peak district guide  which gave us spot on instructions all the way!


  1. That looks like a perfect family walk - beautiful waterfalls! I'm not a fan of cows either but also had to walk through a field of jumpy young animals this week too. #countrykids

  2. Yay! What a beautiful scenery and it looks like a perfect day out. #Countrykids

  3. This looks like a lovely family walk for you all to enjoy, it's great to see J and S having fun together. Sometimes it's easier to keep the length of a walk secret and just get the kids to tag along, they'll enjoy it if they don't have anything to fire up any whinging. You found a lovely place for your picnic, I'm sure you'll be back again before long. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  4. The view.. this place is just stunning. Like a paradise. I wish we have something like this and this will inspire me to definitely go out and walk! #countrykids

  5. A beautiful day with your girls. The countryside is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing #CountryKids

  6. It all looks great until the sick butterfly then your girls look so sad.


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