Sunday, 25 October 2015

NF Adventure Farm at halloween

This Halloween we were invited back to National Forest Adventure Farm. We went last year for our very first time, and loved it. There is so much to do when you get there it was an obvious yes please. We knew from experience to go dressed up as although it is on the farm there is also lots of themed activities going on too.
J recycled her Zombie bride costume she made last year, whilst S went back as the same witch as last year too! Oh we do like to recycle here! They were then set for the day!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

J's 6th Birthday

J is officially six. Seriously where has the time gone? Last year we celebrated her fifth birthday early in the summer holidays making use of the garden we used to have, and the summer weather. This was great until it was her actual birthday. She wanted another party as all kids do, and wanted another big party. It just wasn't going to happen. This year it meant that she wanted that big party as she had to wait even longer for it. For the past six months she has been talking about her birthday and how amazing she wanted it. I think we did a pretty good job at making it THE BEST SIXTH BIRTHDAY she could wish for.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

MACHINES Congleton... a gym like no other!

Since the start of the school year I have been taking some time just for me. I was planning to keep it a secret and just see where it took me but I am enjoying it so much I just had to share. If you are local to Congleton or Macclesfield it may benefit you too! So, what have I been doing for just one hour a week that is improving my mental well being AND my physical health at the same time?
I am attending a gym like no other, as it is more like a studio. There is no treadmills in rows nor the posers that like to show off in front of the mirror, neither is it so big that you are just a number. When you join you become a member of the family, somebody worthy or their time to train you correctly. Sounds corny doesn't it? But it works. The place is Machin-ES .