Wednesday, 14 October 2015

J's 6th Birthday

J is officially six. Seriously where has the time gone? Last year we celebrated her fifth birthday early in the summer holidays making use of the garden we used to have, and the summer weather. This was great until it was her actual birthday. She wanted another party as all kids do, and wanted another big party. It just wasn't going to happen. This year it meant that she wanted that big party as she had to wait even longer for it. For the past six months she has been talking about her birthday and how amazing she wanted it. I think we did a pretty good job at making it THE BEST SIXTH BIRTHDAY she could wish for.

Her birthday fell on a school day so there was no doubt on how she would spend the day.  The excitement was there from the start though, and her face lit up when she saw the pile of presents. We have been trying to cut down so she gets quality over quantity now she is that bit older but the pile still seemed to be big. This helped by having family give J her presents earlier during the week when we saw them.

She jumped straight in for the big present which was actually her main present... how could she tell? We didn't get a big reaction when she unwrapped it as she wanted to open everything else too. However once we unboxed it for her and got it set up we couldn't get her off it.
Who would have thought a six year old would LOVE karaoke? We haven't connected it up to the TV yet but with the disco lights and microphone it is enough at the moment. (Also proven a big hit with her friends too!)
It was soon time to send her off to school so Daddy M and myself could start to get organised for her party just after school. We spent the day buying last minute supplies, making sandwiches up that could feed the five thousand, and plating up all the biscuits and cakes. Enough for five tables.
We had an hour from school pick up to the start of the party. In that time the hall we hired had to be set up and the hot food would need to be starting to cook too. This is where it all went wrong. The hall wasn't opened up on time as the key holder was late. The DJ we booked was slightly later then planned due to the Friday night M6 woes. This meant I was in panic mode.
Thankfully Grandma and Grandad M helped us set up the tables, the DJ arrived with just enough time to set up before everyone arrived, and then I just had to sort the hot food out... I WILL NEVER DO HOT FOOD AT A PARTY AGAIN!  The oven would not work. We had to distract the girlies away from the DJ, and away from the kitchen. I knew just the thing....
Fabulous Partyware had gifted us a 3ft balloon with party bags for us to fill and balloons to decorate the hall. The kids had never seen a balloon that big before and loved it. The high ceilings meant they could have lots of fun with it whilst we waited for the DJ and whilst I kicked the oven a few times, (not literally). We eventually got it working just in the nick of time to get everything cooked in time for dinner time. When some friends arrived early to see if we needed help, it occupied their children too.
The other children started to arrive, and the Non stop kids entertainment DJ was ready right on time. Dancing and musical statues kicked it off with glow sticks given out to every child. J was ecstatic. Everyone was happy.

Grandma and Grandad had to shoot off so slipped away before the mayhem. Daddy and myself were in the kitchen on cooking duty and tea and coffee duty. The parents of the guests were pulled up to help the kids do the "jelly baby dance" they provided everyone with giggles. No one was safe.
The kids and adults alike were all giggling away. After the dancing the games commenced and the loo roll came out. Of course this meant turning two parents into snowmen/woman... other adults joined in too just to make sure they were wrapped tight!
With two fully complete snow people it was then time for some snow.... who doesn't like snow??
The hall was filled with shrieks and laughter as well as toilet roll and snow. The kids loved it. The parents loved it. It was then time to chill them out with some food. It had finally cooked. Yeay! Hot dogs, pizza, nuggets and sausage rolls along with sandwiches, chocolates and cakes. The kids didn't want to eat though and were soon back out in the hall waiting for the next part of the party.
Before the games kicked off again it was time for the cake. I spent a whole day making it, and glad it  survived the journey over to the hall. J asked for a "marrying cake" so of course it had to be tiered. I learnt my lesson from last years cake and remembered to use boards and cake pop sticks to keep it from sinking and I don't think it is too bad for a make it yourself cake.
I felt like I missed the party as I was stuck in the kitchen but I made sure I was out for the cake. The smile on her face said it all... she looked like she would burst with happiness when all her friends were singing/shouting happy birthday to her.
The party finished off with musical chairs which took up the entire hall and balloon swords for all those that got "out", and party bags of course filled with the very pink cake and sweeties.
The party was a great success. J absolutely loved it. My only regret was that I ended up in the kitchen for most of it. Next time, if there is a next time it will be cold food all prepared before hand.
We would not have been able to do it all without the help of Grandma and Grandad M helping to set up. Parents helping to sweep up all the mess whilst the kids ate, as well as tidying up all the food room afterwards, helping myself to wrap the cake to pop in the party bag, and helping to make the hall tidy again afterwards. Thank you. A big hall party can not be set up in time with just two adults, nor tidy again in the required time so Thank you, thank you, thank you!
And... not forgetting the DJ's parent targets! Thank you for providing the other parents and kiddies the giggles!
Hope you had a 6th birthday party to remember J.

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