Sunday, 25 October 2015

NF Adventure Farm at halloween

This Halloween we were invited back to National Forest Adventure Farm. We went last year for our very first time, and loved it. There is so much to do when you get there it was an obvious yes please. We knew from experience to go dressed up as although it is on the farm there is also lots of themed activities going on too.
J recycled her Zombie bride costume she made last year, whilst S went back as the same witch as last year too! Oh we do like to recycle here! They were then set for the day!

We arrived almost as they opened and we seemed to be  the only ones in fancy dress. The girls didn't care though especially when we found out they had a fancy dress competition on later in the day.
Our first activity was "scare school". This is where they are taught how to scare... How scary does she look?
They tried their best at scaring the audience... and the themed characters really put a lot of effort into it!
After the scare school we went to feed the animals. After all we were on the farm.

The sheep were more interested in having a little nibble of the costumes though...

and S punished the goats for climbing up by giving them one pellet at a time... that will teach them! (ha, yeah ok then S!)

After the animals we went to try the "mummy maze". This was different from last year as they used the actual maize maze with the mummy boards dotted around. Thankfully it wasn't the big one we got lost in earlier in the yea but the much easier, smaller one.
After collecting their Halloween pick a mix prize we were off again. Our next stop was a  wander through the haunted hotel! This provided lots of giggles  as the actors danced in front of us and wiggled their bums and waved from a hidden spot! (At night it turns into part of the scare fest suitable for adults). S found it scary still and refused to go back in again, whereas, J wanted to go back in.
We then headed to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. This is provided in the price. Each child gets their own pumpkin included in the price.
It was disappointing to see such a bad crop this year. As we entered there was a lot of rotten pumpkins and ones that had ben flattened. We decided to head to the back of the field and search for THE pumpkin.

They were also a lot smaller then last year but the girls still found a pumpkin each that they wanted.

...then Daddy M and myself had to carry them back to the car..

If you wanted to purchase a bigger pumpkin you could do but the pumpkins in the field were medium to small size, which was different from last year. I understand that they cant help their crop but seeing the larger ones for sale elsewhere on the farm was a little disappointing.
We had to skip the broomstick training and scary stories due to other commitments, however you could easily spend a full day here on the farm at Halloween. With picnic benches dotted around the farm, and an industrial size heater in the open barn it makes it an affordable day out for the family.
Thanks for inviting us again National Forest Adventure Farm.
*We were provided a complimentary family ticket for the purpose of an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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