Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Jump Nation Manchester

Sunday we needed to get out the house. Christmas had just finished and it was the lull between Christmas and New Year. Daddy M was working and the girls had been up very early and I was close to pulling my hair out well before 8am. Thankfully we had arranged a play-date with some of J's school friends before the end of school to meet at Jump Nation in Manchester. Perfect timing.
We have never been before so was unsure of what to expect. My girls love bouncing on the trampoline in the garden so I knew they would enjoy it. On arrival to Jump Nation Manchester we had to sign a waiver saying we were fit to bounce and explaining the safety rules as trampolining is an "extreme sport". Once we were signed up, we popped our socks on. These need to have rubber grips on the bottom (can be brought for £1.50 a pair if you don't have any.) The kids were soon ready and raring to go.

 When we walked into the arena... WOW!! I have never seen so many trampolines before.

Before the children and adults could go in a quick safety brief entailed...
...the main rule is one person to a trampoline, but you are able to move around and run around... we only had one adult supervising 5 children which was a bad idea so another adult jumped on too. The age gap 3 year olds and 6 year old meant they wanted to do different things. The older ones liked to bounce and show off their moves, whilst the younger ones bounced around everywhere....fast! We soon had another adult joining in which made it easier on H in the "arena". (I was unable to participate as I am still in recovery from my operation).

They were loving it. All bouncing around everywhere, giggling smiling and burning off that energy.

It wasn't all plain sailing. Unfortunately one of J's friends landed funny on her foot. They soon whisked her off the arena and had her sat down checking the foot over with the first aid kit. The staff member was brilliant at checking the flexibility and checking the tendons over. Thankfully it was just a bruising and no breaks so an ice pack was given within minutes of the accident. I've never seen a place so efficient with first aid before.  

After a while she was back bouncing on her good foot, and joined the younger two who were now in the under 6 arena as like I said they were fast! It was nice to be able to contain them in a smaller area where others were not doing stunts.

The under 6 arena was the same as the main arena except it was sectioned off and had a few balls and weeble type big toys to play with too.

All in all it was a great hour to tire the kids out whilst catching up too. They were all shattered by the end of it!

You can see more of the fun we had on our little video here...

Afterwards we decided to have lunch at Jump Nation to make it more of an occasion (and the children didn't want to leave.) The food was reasonably priced and good quality. In the chaos of over excited children I forgot to get pictures of the food but the Panini's were lovely served with a fresh salad and coleslaw.
Would we return again? Oh yes. My girls have already asked to go back again. Our friends that came with us have also said they would return again too. It worked and we had two calm girls afterwards who slept like logs that night!
*We were given complimentary entry and socks for our group in return for an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.


  1. this looks like the best thing ever! I would totaly take my kid there when shes a bit older. Looks so fun!

    Umber x

  2. Do they have these for adults?? I've never been on a trampoline I really want to though,It looks so fun!!
    I need oneee - PurelyAmy.

    1. Oh yes.. This is for adults too, you don't need kids to go in! The adults stunts were amazing!! :-)


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