Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Our Christmas 2015

Wow... where has the time gone? Christmas came and went in a flash. Our Christmas is always busy as we visit my side of the family in the days before with the last day being our Christmas dinner on Christmas eve. The 220 mile long drive home usually sends the hyper excited girls off to sleep before we get home, and then Christmas day we spend with Daddy M's family. This year was no different apart from Grandma and Grandad M had now moved 120miles away to Cumbria.

Daddy M had a few days off before so we could go down a couple of days earlier to see my family. This was filled with visiting family we wouldn't see at the Christmas dinner, a Christmas circus and a Christmas pantomime, and we managed to see Santa again at a garden centre who reminded us he was flying over on Christmas eve. The garden centre also had owls which the girls could hold, S was in her element.
The Christmas circus entertained the girls but wasn't very Christmassy apart from a few costumes. The bike stunt scene mesmerised them both.
The pantomime put us all in the Christmas spirit with lots of Christmas songs and amazing dancing, but the girls were restless as they were tired of the full on schedule. We also managed to squeeze a night around my sisters for a few drinks and a takeaway which is very rare and we all managed to let our hair down.
Christmas Eve arrived and it was time for the big Christmas dinner. This is my favourite part of Christmas. No presents are opened, its all about family with four generations around the table for the day. There are lots of courses, 7 in total...
Starter, usually soup, prawn cocktail, melon a la port or pate
The main course, Roast turkey and all the trimmings
Christmas pudding
Cheese board
Coffee and mints (Mine is usually an Irish coffee if we last that long!)
There were 18 of us this year so it was a squeeze in my parents lounge so it helped to let the kids run off some energy between courses playing in the snow outside. (Helped that Grandad C has a snow machine!)

This meant the girls would then come back and eat the dinner with little fuss.
We couldn't stay for all of our courses this year and left just before the cheese board as time was getting on and we had to beat Santa home. We did manage to see him fly over the top of the house though just like last year, and this meant the girls got very excited before just getting in the car... whoops! They didn't fall asleep until about 2.5hrs into the journey even after stopping for a hot chocolate which ended up all over the back of the car! Argh!
Christmas morning we were up before the girls, but only just as S heard us getting up and came to the bedroom door to realise that Santa had came. There were no tears this time, yeay! Last year she was petrified. This then meant J heard her shrieking and woke up too. 6.30am isn't too bad for Christmas morning really, is it?
They opened their sacks very quickly. S wanted everything out the packets there and then whereas J unwrapped everything first. After a quick drink, and dressing we had to load the car up again to do the trek up the m6. We were full to the brim with gifts.
We arrived just as Grandma and Grandad M were going to church which meant we could have another brew and a catch up with Great Grandad I before the chaos began. Once they were back the girls chose their biggest presents to open first. What is it with children thinking the biggest box is always the best?
S's main present from us this year was the Playmobil hotel. She loves playing with figurines and dinosaurs so this is ideal for her role plays!

Whereas J didn't ask for much at all this year apart from computer games. I was adamant her main present at just 6 years old would not be a computer game so we brought her a dog. Not a real dog, a Fur real dog called biscuit. She has been asking for a real dog for as long as I can remember so this seemed the best option. Her face says it all...

She loved him, he is much more responsive then the smaller Lucy dog she got for her birthday which left her disappointed. Unfortunately Grandad I's dog thought he looked a little to real and kept wanting to play, and wondered why he wouldn't join in, so biscuit had to go away until we got home.

I was still recovering from my leg surgery and after over doing it for a few days prior, I was pretty much unable to do anything apart from unwrap the presents from all the packaging... why are toys now using screws to secure them into cardboard?

After the presents were all unwrapped the girls could play with the new toys before dinner in front of the fire.

It was then time to tuck into our 2nd Christmas dinner. Turkey and Ham.

By evening time we were shattered and headed back home ready for Daddy M to go to work early on boxing day. The drive home was scary as the storm that caused yet more flooding was passing through. The M6 had lots of surface water and we aquaplaned several times, thankfully Daddy was driving and kept control of the car.
 Boxing day was more unpacking everything and eating chocolate.
We had a lovely Christmas and would like to thank both sets of parents for hosting Christmas and cooking dinner, and all our family and friends for the very kind gifts we received.
Hope you had a lovely Christmas too.


  1. Aw it looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year to you and your family.


  2. I love this! Especially "why're all toys screwed to cardboard?" - It's true, the kids can't open them and parents need wire cutters to get the gifts out! xx


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