Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Easter at National Forest Adventure Farm

The girls adore most animals which makes it very easy to LOVE the National Forest Adventure Farm in Staffordshire. We have been almost every season for the past year and know we will walk away having a great day out. Last years Easter visit can be seen here. This year they have made some changes and it is an even better day out for it. We visited Good Friday this year and it was VERY busy. The queue was half way around the car park!! Daddy doesn't do crowds and was tempted to go home before even going in, however the girls persuaded him to stay knowing what was inside the gates.
The staff managed to get the queue moving by letting people in the side entrance who had pre-booked, which included us too, yeay! Once inside the crowds quickly dispersed so it didn't feel over crowded. After all there is so much to do.

Our first port of call was to the animal barn for the lamb feeding. This is one of the areas they have invested in, add it has paid off. Its a first come first served basis now, compared to the push to the front to try and get a bottle. In the queue you are now given a number between 1-8, each number is given out 8-10(?) times and when the numbers have gone, its full. (They have many sessions throughout the day) They also provide seats. Two numbers are called at once and the children come and sit on hay bails. All the ones on one side, all the twos on the other. Its then a race to see what lamb drinks the milk the quickest. The bottle is still passed along the line but there is no pushing and shoving and every child gets a go.  

After the milk has gone the children can then stroke the lamb before the next numbers are called up.

The highlight for the Easter half term on the farm though has to be meeting the Easter bunny. This includes a tractor ride down to the woodland walk part of the farm. Our queue time was longer then we had expected at over an hour, with two tractors running it showed us how busy the farm actually was. (It would have helped if parents put toddlers on laps too!)
When we were at the woodland walk area we were slowed down to let one family through at a time so we weren't in another big queue and could enjoy the walk. Along the walk the girls could stamp a "hunt" paper with various animals along the way, as well as costumed animals slowing us down and entertaining us, like crafty fox...

The walk was completed within 5 minutes with the Easter bunny waiting for us at the end.

The girls could pick their own chocolate bar from his basket, and even the adults could too. (I don't remember getting one last year!).

After we were back at the main farm it was time for our picnic. It is great to see the picnic area enclosed in a big gazebo to keep us warmer and out the wind. We also treated the girls to cake and ice cream. J was very impressed with her big slice. It was reasonably priced at £2.20 too.

The girls were then free to play....

Before leaving it was time for the guinea pig feeding and stroking, which is J's highlight every time we visit.

Again, it was a great day out. Lots of baby animals, chocolate, running around, bouncing, climbing and fun. Thanks for having us National Forest Adventure Farm.

*We were invited as guests to visit over the Easter weekend for the purpose of an honest review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic day out hun, I think you should get J a guinea pig x


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