Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Body Confidence Program Review

It comes to no shock to Daddy M that I embarked on yet another diet plan at the start of summer. Over the years that we have been together I have been on pretty much every diet going as the pounds crept on. The restricting calories, the 5:2, the Cambridge diet, Atkins, Slimming World and Weight Watchers to name just a few. He was getting fed up of the next "fad" especially as it came so close to giving up with The Body Coach 90day SSS Plan half way through. However, I had to give up that one due to injury as I couldn't complete the intense and strict exercise plan as I couldn't even weight bare on my foot. This time though, I managed to shock hubby and even myself with The Body Confidence Plan as I completed the full 8 weeks. WOW!! Now that says something in itself. If I managed to complete the full eight weeks when I couldn't succeed anywhere else it proves it is different.

The Body Confidence Plan is an eight week program led by Ruth Ru-Tee. Through her personal experience and the 25 years work experience she has learnt a lot and is happy to pass all the information on to get the best results. It is not a weight loss program, its an inch loss program that is guaranteed to get you a 16 inch body reduction within the eight weeks, or your money back. The measurements are taken over 10 different parts of your body.
The plan follows a gluten free, dairy free Paleo plan which is drip fed to you so your not over whelmed. Each week you get a set menu to follow with new recipes and come week 5 you get a new set of foods you can eat after the first 4 week detox. Now, I'm a fussy b***er, so I didn't actually follow the set menus. I picked the recipes I liked the sound of, and made some up myself following the approved foods list. This is what makes it flexible for us as a family.
There is a strict set of rules which you need to follow as close as possible, like eating within 30 minutes of waking, and going to bed before 10.30. However, some people on the plan at the same time as me struggled with this due to working shift patterns or lifestyle habits and Ru-Tee worked with them on getting the balance correct for them to enable their body to get the recovery time it needed. The ratios of food were also very important.

Ok, so that's the basics of the actual diet plan. What makes this program different to the others I have dabbled in is the personal, caring support you receive. OK, I hear you say I get support from my leader at SW or WW, but do you? On the plan Ru-Tee gives you a start up call a few days prior to starting, and a weekly call every Monday at 12pm. Also on the call is everyone else doing the plan alongside you, at the same point as you or 4 weeks ahead.
She is also contactable through the Facebook Support Page every morning and evening. This is an important part. She encourages you to post pictures of your meals to check the ratios are correct.

The first week of the plan I got wrong, almost every meal I over compensated my carbs. She soon had it under control and I can now get it spot on without much thinking. There is no weighing or counting, everything ratio wise is all done by eye-balling it. Perfect for a busy mum.

Your also allowed pizza, cake, wine, anything you want on the diet. However that's all allowed on your one cheat day a week! How cool is that? If you crave something its easier to hold off just a few days for your cheat day rather then a full eight weeks.

So, how did I do??

  • I lost 20.25 Inches.
  • My energy has increased and I actually want to exercise again. (This came around the week 4 mark).
  • Ru-Tee's positive can do attitude has rubbed off on to me, and I believe I am more positive as a result.
Due to the increase in positivity I have found myself a job and actually started. I did not think this was possible 8 weeks ago as I was pretty much in a depressed state just working through the daily motions. This plan and support really has been a lifestyle overhaul and I will be forever grateful to Ru-Tee.

In the past week I have been called an inspiration three times. THREE TIMES!!!!

I've also been complimented on my 'glow' and my confidence. I've never been complimented on my confidence before, and my 'glow' well I've never had a glow, even when I was pregnant.

Now in all honesty, I have not kept to the plan 100%. I've had many day trips out throughout the summer, a few nights away, and a complete new routine as I embrace full time working again, life has been tough, I've probably kept to the plan about 75% if I am honest. I've only exercised properly once, although I have been on more family walks. (Work out plans are also given alongside the plan, but not essential, with a new workout being added each week). I've also kept caffeine in my daily routine as I just couldn't cope with the caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

What would my results have been if I was 100%?  That's the exciting part.

I've decided to carry on the plan by myself at home now the eight weeks are up, however if I feel like I need the support again or I'm slipping, I have the option to join the maintenance monthly plan.

The program only opens up once a month so there is a few people starting at the same point exactly as you, so they know exactly what you are going through. You can check the website here for when the next course starts.

The support comes at a price, at £450 it is steep, which puts a lot of people of trying the plan. It would have stopped me in my tracks. However you learn everything you need to succeed in that time, you get the daily am and pm advice if you need it, the phone calls, and articles sent to you to read on a weekly basis explaining the science behind it.

Would I recommend the plan? Yes, if you can afford the initial outlay. The day to day expense of the diet is minimal compared to The Body Coach Plan and other plans.

*I was given the program free of charge for the purpose of review. All words, photos and opinion are my own.

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