Thursday, 24 August 2017

Tenby 2017

I had said all last year "I don't want to spend my 30th birthday spent on the M6". The reality = I was stuck on the M6, after attending the wedding the day before. This year I had no choice but to have my birthday (not 30 anymore!) off as annual leave due to our childcare provider having the week off. (This was June so this is a little late, better late then never!) I was adamant we would do something special and not let another special occasion for me to go without a mention. Being selfish I booked Haven in Tenby as our destination. I just love being near to the sea!

We visited Tenby last year over the August bank holiday and was extremely lucky that we had glorious weather. This year was the complete opposite. Typical! From home in the North West to Tenby its just over 4 hours. Add in the M6 (yet again!) torrential downpours and rumbling tummy's it probably took us just over 6 including a birthday meal pit stop!  

Our home for the week was beautiful, for a caravan. Very roomy, bright, colourful. Not how I remember Haven holidays from growing up. The girls were well and truly happy and in their element.  Here is just a little snippet of what we got up to on our four nights away. 

Insisting on posing for holiday snaps they will hopefully remember when they are old and have kids of their own.


We must have picked the windiest week going. Was great fun letting the wind push us along the beach... 

Despite Daddy's fear of the sand blowing in the girls eyes, it turned out to be a great way to blow away the cobwebs and throw a few DABS. 

...and posing for more family holiday memories...

It was too cold to feel the sand between our toes, but it didn't stop us from feeling it between our fingers...

When in planning stages of the holiday I wanted a "treat experience" as it was my birthday week after all. My dream was to take us all out on a thrill seeking boat ride out to see the dolphins and seals off the coast. Due to the poor weather conditions this was looking very unlikely due to safety. Instead we tried something completely different....

Walking a hawk experience with Pembrokeshire Falconry. We were protected from the wind within the trees and had a lovely afternoon out. Despite the name of the experience we didn't actually walk a hawk. We walked a little and then it flew down for food, then flew off again. A little like walking a dog. 

J absolutely loved it, took in every moment of landing and take off. S was a little more cautious and soon got bored. I was a little disappointed as I really thought this would be her ideal experience. 

After the walk Daddy M and myself were able to hold a bald eagle... WOW! They are very heavy birds. When I held it, it tried to fly off and ending up swiping me over the head.. the girls found it extremely funny!

Previously when we have visited Tenby, we stayed at the Premier Inn. This made the evening's very boring and not very holiday like especially when the girls are at the ideal age for the kids entertainment team. Every night we were there for the team games and dancing. It was a great way to close in the night. 

It also made me realise J is growing up far too quick. Inside the entertainment area was a shop that sold the light up 'tat' that makes any kids day. Each of the girls had their pick. S chose a pink flashing and singing sword! J a flashing head band with light up hair. She loved it. Well, until she went back on the dance floor and some older girls had arrived. Suddenly it was too babyish. Therefore I claimed the said light up hair! Yeay! Never too old for flashing disco props! 

Eventually she realised it was a bit of fun and wanted to wear it again! Phew!! She's not at the 'mum your embarrassing me' stage - yet!

The evening entertainment also meant the girls could get the hilarious "yes, I am too old for this" photo with the Haven crew. 

Another day we decided to walk into town along the coastal route.

Half way between the camp and town was a well positioned park. Nestled in the side of the hills we seemed protected from the wind which was still blowing a force.

Further along the girls spotted where we spent the day last year pretending we were abroad.

When the sun went in though it became very cold again.

After an ice cream pit stop and souvenir shopping we returned back to camp. We attempted to walk back along the beach but S found it a real struggle trying to walk into the wind so we found ourselves back along the top of the coastal walk. 
At this point we decided we would end the holiday short. We have a new exciting venture starting at home which the ball started rolling the week before going on our trip. Along with the weather changing and the rain forecasted until the end, we decided to travel during the afternoon/evening instead of rushing around the next morning. 
J mentioned before leaving that shes never played crazy golf before. This is a lie. However, we haven't played it for years so she probably couldn't remember. We kept on playing until the rain started. Then we left after a fun few days away in the very windy sea air. 

Thank you Wales.... its been another lovely visit.


  1. What a wonderful week away, that's definitely a great way to spend the week. With all these activities your birthday week must've been fabulous and I'm sure it'll be something you'll remember for a long time. It's scary sometimes how quickly the kids grow up isn't it? It's great that you've managed to squeeze this trip in before they really do feel like they're too old!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  2. What a shame about all that wind but so great you could get away. I think that Haven type holidays are perfect when the kids are little. Mich x #CountryKids

  3. The hawk experience sounds awesome. We love Tenby and posted recently about it too. It's such a picturesque costal town with the ice cream coloured houses. Even in dodgy weather it's looks lovely x #CountryKids

  4. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate! Glad you were able to make the most of it even if the weather wasn't too great. The bird experience looks amazing! #CountryKids

  5. What a lovely few days away you had even if the weather wasn't quite as nice as you would have liked. Looks like J and S had fun on the beach and the falconry day looks like fun. Hope you had a lovely birthday x #countrykids

  6. Oh that looks like a great place to visit. Looks fun #countrykids


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